Why Does Haunting Occur?

THEORIES ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE Stories of ghosts, spirits, and paranormal entities play a prominent role in the history of cultures around the world. Haunted houses, haunted ships, and haunted forests are documented in poems, books, and art across religions and philosophies. Over the centuries, this abundance of witnesses to paranormal activity has given rise to many theories attempting to explain the reasons behind haunting. What causes these rumors of apparitions to take hold? Why might spirits remain after death to interact with the living and inhabit physical spaces? While no one theory can concretely explain hauntings, each hypothesis offers insights that assist in evaluating why a haunting might occur.

Tragedy at Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion is a home straight out of a fairy tale. It’s an extravagant building with a towering brick spire, ornately carved trim, and a seemingly endless number of rooms. From the outside, this impressive structure appears to be nothing more than a beautiful Victorian home, but as you cross the threshold to enter, something just doesn’t feel right… Visitors to the home report being greeted by a menacing energy, a sense of something watching, waiting, lurking in the shadows. This immense home opened its doors to paranormal investigations after many years of keeping such activity off-limits. Now, the Paranormal Dares team is taking advantage of this exciting change and offering you the opportunity to join them for an investigation of paranormal activity in the Vaile Mansion. The history of this famously beautiful building, the events that occurred within its walls, and the local lore telling of haunting and strange events make this a very promising location for an investigation.

The Story of Beattie Mansion

With a classic brick facade and an expansive front porch, the Beattie Mansion looks like any other Southern house. However, this historic home, built in 1854, is anything but ordinary. Sitting quietly for centuries, locals will tell you that the paranormal inhabitants of the mansion have only shown themselves clearly in the last 15 years. Workers and visitors to the home have witnessed opaque, shadowy figures walking the halls and heard distressed voices calling out from vacant corners. This eerie atmosphere, combined with the numerous apparitions seen here, sends chills through the body of each new visitor that passes through the front door.

Paranormal Dares Invites Public to Ghost Hunt at Malvern Manor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — The Paranormal Dares team will be conducting a ghost hunt at Malvern Manor on August 10, 201...

Event Recap: Asher Walton House / Hosts Premiere Party

The Asher Walton house was humming with excitement this past weekend as the Paranormal Dares team had the premiere party for the first-ever episode of their web series “Hosts”.

What Lies Within Malvern Manor

Few buildings hold as many secrets as those with a long history dating back to the beginning of the town it resides in. In the early 1800s, Malvern Iowa was a frequently visited small town on the edge of the railroad crossing the United States. Mostly used as a stopover to bigger towns, an inn was the most prosperous and bustling business in Malvern. The first hotel in Malvern, Iowa, The Cottage Inn, was one such place. Built in the late 1800s, The Cottage Inn, later known as Malvern Manor was the perfect place for travelers moving across the country to stop, rest, and prepare for the rest of the journey to their final destination. 

Event Recap: Asher Walton House

The June 22, 2019, Asher Walton investigation brought a mix of seasoned ghost hunters and first-time investigators together for a night of hands-on hunting through the Asher Walton House. 

Event Recap: Wildwood Sanitarium

The Paranormal Dares team has just returned from Salamanca, New York, where they conducted an investigation of Wildwood Sanitarium, as well as the graveyard in Salamanca where the founder of the facility is buried.

Event Recap: St. Albans Sanatorium

Paranormal Dares recently conducted an investigation at one of the most popular paranormal enthusiasts’ destinations in the country: St. Albans Sanatorium. According to our team, this enormous 108,000 square foot building was daunting from the moment they pulled up the hill and walked through the front doors.

Sanitariums: Where Unsettled Spirits Might Roam

Why do some people believe that spirits get stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, taunting the living and haunting dark corners? Often, it is said that these unsettled spirits experienced severe trauma in life or die with unfinished business that simply could not be resolved. These circumstances make sanitariums the picture perfect location for haunting and the setting for many chilling tales of paranormal activity.

Event Recap: Cabin on 360

Paranormal Dares was excited to stay in the rooms at the Cabin on 360, which stands on the very same land where thousands of Civil War soldiers died long ago. This old battlefield, steeped in local legends of hauntings and tragedies, was the perfect spot to host a ghost hunt with an exclusive group of guests this past weekend.

Event Recap: Guyer Opera House

THE PARANORMAL DARES INVESTIGATION YIELDS RESULTS THAT ARE AS STARTLING AS THEY ARE SPINE-TINGLING. This past weekend, the Paranormal Dares team led a ghost hunt at the Guyer Opera House in Lewisville, IN, and this opera house turned out to be the perfect location for a fun but frightening investigation.

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