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The Paranormal Dares team is your team of professional investigators here to lead you on a journey into the paranormal. Backed by years of experience and the most innovative equipment in the industry, we uncover mysteries no one else can. If you want a true paranormal investigation experience, we are your guides for ghost hunts, cryptozoology searches, UFO investigations and much more.

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Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal Investigator

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Keith Fournier has been an active and well-known paranormal investigator for many years. His knowledge in ghost hunting comes from years of investigation and exploration into some of the most haunted sites around the world. His innovation in paranormal technologies has made him a thought leader in the industry. Keith prides himself on finding previously undiscovered spots that are haunted by paranormal beings of all natures. Join Keith for a paranormal event and see what it takes to be a paranormal investigator yourself. Jessica Marie Angel specializes in paranormal investigations, with a focus on ghost hunting. She has years of experience in both leading and hosting investigations and her sensitivity to spirit makes her a valuable asset to each and every investigation. In addition to being a paranormal investigator, Jess is a professional published model with a loyal online following. Get to know Jess and meet her at the next paranormal investigation. Erik Knapp is a 20-year paranormal investigator from New Hampshire. After a life-changing paranormal experience, Erik founded NH Project Paranormal in 2002 which he still runs to this day. In 2016 Erik decided to take his fans with him on his paranormal journey and created the hit series Hunting The Haunted which has been featured on several different networks and is now entering its third season. Erik brings his passion for the paranormal to the Paranormal Dares team for the best investigation experience you could imagine. Chris Wolfgang has been a lifelong student of all things paranormal. He brings to the team
not only decades of knowledge leaned from books, personal experiences, and other source
materials, but also spent over a decade as a investigator in the fire service. Chris brings an
objective, scientific, and methodical approach to every investigation. You will usually find him
setting up cameras or working with our teams other investigative equipment.
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