Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020

Product image 1Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 2Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 3Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 4Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 5Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 6Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 7Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020
Product image 8Ghost Hunt - McInteer Villa - Feb 29th 2020

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Date: Feb 29th 2020

Time: 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM


McInteer Villa

1301 Kansas Ave, Atchison, KS 66002

What you get:

  • Access to a meet and greet with Paranormal Dares hosts and guests
  • Access to the question and answer session
  • Small group late night ghost hunt
  • Access to midnight refreshments
  • Assisted FREE ROAM ghost hunt
  • Haunting memories you will never forget
Limited tickets available*

Why we choose McInteer Villa:

The small town of Atchison claims to be the most haunted city in Kansas so naturally our interests are peaked. At the center of that claim we found an imposing structure known as McInteer Villa.

Built in 1889 by wealthy businessman John McInteer, the home was a showcase of late century elegance and served the family well for over 30 years. After the family moved on, the building was repurposed as a rooming house for area residents. It stayed this way until a woman by the name of Isobel Altis purchased McInteer Villa with grand aspirations of restoring it to its former glory as a single family home. Isobel was known in the community as an ‘eccentric’ lady who dressed in all black and many of the neighborhood’s children would tell stories of the lady in the creepy house down the street. Unfortunately for Isobel the upkeep and renovation of the historic home was too much for her finances and she was forced to sell it shortly before her death. According to a newspaper report from the time, her body was found by the new owner sitting in her favorite rocking chair. A rocking chair that still sits in McInteer Villa today.

To date there have been 9 documented deaths inside the walls of McInteer Villa including one possible suicide. Visitors to the home have reported a wide range of strange, unexplained phenomenon. Some of the more noteworthy incidents include bright lights turning on and off in the tower which has no electricity, unknown figures seen through the second story windows when nobody is home, unexplained footsteps pacing the second floor hallway, windows and doors opening on their own, and mysterious shadows peeking around corners. Of course, let’s not forget the rocking chair which many claim to have seen rocking slowly back and forth as if someone wants them to sit and chat. It seems to us there is more than meets the eye of this beautiful home and we’re going in to find some answers. We dare you to join us!

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* Attendees must be at least 16 years of age, minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
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